In serving our client we are quality oriented, we therefore focus on limited area especially regarding unfair business practice, and business consultation. We structure our services into three major activities, including but not limited to :

A. Advice, guidance, advocacy, opinion and business analysis on :

  • Cartels
  • Closed dealings
  • Resale price maintenance
  • Abuse of dominant position
  • Tying and bundling
  • Market allocation
  • Economic concentration
  • Tender collution
  • Strategic and business planning
  • Discriminatiive behaviour
  • Predatory pricing
  • Cross ownership & cross directorship
  • Consummer lost
  • Consummers protection
  • Class action
  • Partnership


B. Meger and Aquisition (M&A) nofication to KPPU:

    • Pre-consultation and/or notification to KPPU.
    • Providing advice, review of documents needed for consultancy and/or notification.
    • To assist the filling out the notification forms and reviewing the filled out of forms and documents needed.
    • Analyzing market concentration, includes a calculation of the HHI (Herfindahl-Hirshman Index) and changesĀ  the HHI delta after and before M&A.
    • Analizing and review on explanation and arguments relating to market entry barriers, and unfair business practices.
    • Analizing and review onĀ  M&A related to anti-competitive behavior that is unilateral effect, coordinated effect, market foreclosure, and efficiency and bankruptcy arguments.
    • Preparing and reviewing the short business plan as other .document required.

C. Business Competition Compliance, and Risk Review on:

  • General Corporate Review
  • Business Policy
  • Competition Code
  • Transaction Agreements
  • Business Strategy & Plans
  • Initial Public Offering
  • Marketing programs,
  • Procurement and distribution, Initial Public Offering