A. Retainer Fee

Retainer fee are paid in a certain amount and period. Payment does not depend on whether or not the services provided by the consultant to the client during that period. The consultant will provide the time to deliver consultancy services to the client whenever requested int that period.


B. Project Bassist Fee

The amount will be vary depend on the nature of the project agreed upon with the client.  The amount of payment determined from the beginning for particular case/project, not determined by the number of hours used. Payment installment also subject  to negotiation.


C. Hourly Fee

Hourly fee mean that every unit of hours used by consultant to provide consulting services to client is valued with a certain amount of payment. Hourly rate are adjusted to the level of complexity of the case, and the form of services provided such as as making letters, document review, face to face meeting, consulting via telephone, or other fors, all are subject to negotiation.


D. Success Fee

Apart from these fee, it can be agreed on success fee for acase that has been resolved successfully as an additional incentive for the consultant.